Animated Logo Creator for Your Website
  • First of all create your own logo image:
    Use our software to create fantastic logo from easy to modify templates
  • Save your logo as a PNG with transparent background or better SVG file
    SVG is scalable vector and it always looks crisp and clear when you scale/rotate it
  • Select animation template and download small javascript code to animate your logo. See instructions below...
  • Small size add-on (only 1Kb) and 100% compatibility with all browsers!
Sharp Style Animations

Soft Style Animations

How it will work on your website?
  • Animate your logo right after page loads
  • Animate on mouse over
  • Run animation after a while if no user input (on idle)
    When no user input: animation starts after 5 seconds then 10 secs, 20, 40... Timing resets after mouse move/touch event/key press
  • Extra small size animation add-on (only 1Kb)
  • 100% compatibility with all browsers!

Get code for your own website and logo:

Selected animation

1) Download this small javascript file (it will set events and CSS rules to animate your logo)

2) Upload jetanim.js on your website

3) Edit your webpage html code and add this line in the head section (before </head> tag):

<script src="jetanim.js"></script>

4) Edit html element containing your logo image and set it id to "mylogo". Example:

<div id="mylogo"><img src="logo.svg"></div>

If you need a different id for this element you will have to edit the very beginning of JS file and replace mylogo with desired id

Still don't have your own logo image? Download our software and create it right now!